Revo Stage 3 Software for VW Golf Mk7 R 2.0 TSI

Power Torque
Stock 300ps 280lbft
REVO Stage 3 Software from 450ps to 510ps from 368lbft to 405lbft

NOTE: Power is dependant on Fuel Quality, Performance Settings and Conditions

From £1,132.74 (inc VAT)
£943.95 (exc VAT)

Technical Data


Revo Performance Software is the result of a passion for quality. From a group of car enthusiasts who strive to provide the ultimate performance experience, Revo follows a tuning philosophy that results in the perfect balance of performance, driveability and economy, without sacrificing engine longevity. From initial Software calibration development at Revo HQ, UK, the final product is achieved through an extensive Global Development Programme. This allows fine-tuning on multiple vehicles in several continents, and testing in a range of climatic conditions such as varying fuel qualities, temperatures, altitudes and greatly differing driving styles. This process is driven by the demand for a quality product that produces consistent results and is ultimately what sets Revo apart from the rest.


When combining Revo’s expertise in hardware design, development, testing and manufacture with Revo Performance Software the outcome is a complete package to rival anything from an OEM Manufacturer. The next logical step for the EA888 engine was to improve the airflow in and out the engine and look into cooling. The Revo Air Intake System works in conjunction with the Revo Intercooler and a quality downpipe and turbo-back exhaust system to provide a solid base for further enhancements, specifically an upgraded Turbocharger.

Revo had a question with the feasibility of project “ETR IS38 Hybrid Turbocharger” before we started testing: could we produce a package that would reliably give around 500BHP/550NM on an EA888 GEN3 car running stock fuel system, stock internals and on stock DSG?

After testing different turbo packages, pipework, fueling and cooling solutions with varying levels of boost on Shell vPower, we had our answer on our UK test car: YES! We had spent over 6 months testing in the UK at our testing facility at Bruntingthorpe Providing Ground, thousands of miles on the roads in the UK, many track sessions with dyno charts from different dynos around the UK. Feedback was great, the car felt quick, we were making the power and we were ready to move to the next phase by utilising our experienced and passionate dealer network with their equally exuberant customers.


Revo Speed Limit Unlock


The top speed limit for this vehicle has been removed.
Revo Speed Limit Unlock


RPM Limit has been increased for optimal performance
Revo Speed Left Foot braking


Left foot braking has been enabled on this vehicle.
Revo Temperature Protection


Enhanced engine cooling and oil temperature management.
Revo Cold Start Protection


Boost is limited until safe oil temperature is reached.
Serial Port Switchable SPS


Switchable software for fuel quality and Anti-Theft
Serial Port Switchable SPS


DSG Launch Control as standard and optimised with DSG Software


The net result is that our IS38ETR package has undergone an exhaustive Global Development Programme over multiple cars through our global dealer network with over 200,000miles of on-road testing in varying climatic conditions, poor fuel, race fuel, on track over ¼ mile or round some of the best racing circuits all over the world for the last 12-18 months. During this time we have fine-tuned the hardware and software to ensure the final package is the best it can be with additional features such as cold and hot oil temperature power reduction, engine oil cooler valve optimisation and turbo heat management. Once we had the cars all running as we would expect, we then sought power runs on various dynamometers throughout the world giving us real-world figures from each region.

Revo, our dealer network and BETA testers are very proud of the resulting package with complete confidence it will achieve our goal of providing owners of EA888 Gen3 cars an upgrade path that will result in a car that, with a stock engine, fuel system and gearbox, will be as happy going to the shops with your mother driving as it will beating most current supercars over a ¼ mile


Performance testing was carried out on a private track in the UK with an ambient temperature of 19ºC. 2014 VW Golf R with DSG transmission. Revo Rv019 19″ wheels with Dunlop Sport Max road tyres, traction control off and 99RON Shell vPower. The average performance times are taken from 5 consecutive runs.

0-60 mph 0-100 mph 30-130 mph 100-200 kph
Stock(Average) 4.90 s 12.30 s – s – s
Revo Stage 1(Average) 3.71 s 9.05 s – s – s
Revo IS38ETR Pack(Average) 3.20 s 7.18 s 11.17 s 7.82 s

Taken from the graphs above and based on a stock IS38 Turbo vehicle.

  • Stage 3: 445HP at the Hubs / 559NM
  • Max Gains: +173HP @ 6500RPM / +215NM @ 3800RPM
  • Peak Gains: +171HP / +185NM
  • Switchable Software
  • Temperature-related protection
  • Check availability with a Revo Authorised Dealer
  • Not available in North America (In Development)


  • Revo IS38ETR Enhanced Turbo
  • Revo Downpipe with Sports CAT or decat*
  • High Flow Exhaust System
  • Revo Intercooler
  • Revo Carbon Series Intake System (Front Scoop, Lid and Turbo Inlet hose)
  • Revo Intercooler Pipe upgrade
  • HPFP upgrade (Speak to your Revo Dealer)
  • LPFP upgrade (Speak to your Revo Dealer)

*Decat for Race/Off-road use only

  • Revo Big Brake Kit
  • Revo Engine Mounts
  • Uprated clutch on manual vehicles
  • Uprated suspension
  • Revo RV019 Wheels



For engine oil to work effectively and lubricate your engine it needs time to warm up. When you first start your car, the cold oil is at its thickest, producing higher oil pressure when pumped around the engine putting extra pressure on oil seals. As the engine temperature increases, so does oil temperature. This thins the oil, enabling it to run more freely and better lubricate the moving parts of your engine. Cold Start Protection helps protect engine components by limiting turbo boost until the oil temperature increases and reaches optimum operating levels.

  • Oil below 50ºC: Boost limited to 50%
  • Oil between 51ºC and 65ºC: Boost limited to 75%
  • Oil above 65ºC: Full boost available


Revo Stage 3 Software is developed to work in harmony with the Revo IS38ETR Turbo and Revo upgraded parts on a standard engine. Testing indicated that in high-temperature conditions (rolling road, high ambient temps, and prolonged Vmax use) oil temperatures can climb to an undesirable level. Revo Temperature Protection is an additional safety feature that reduces overall load as the oil temperature hits a set limit. The oil cooler valve opens sooner with Revo Software to ensure earlier cooling of oil. This feature actively monitors exhaust gas temperatures, adapting the requested load (power) to ensure they stay within safe parameters. If EGT’s reach a set temperature, then power is automatically reduced until the engine returns to a safe operating temperature.


Using an SPS switch you are able to take advantage of the switch-ability of Revo software. The Patented OBD2 interface is the ultimate compliment to our performance software, giving the user the ability to switch between 4 fuel quality modes settings via the vehicle OBD port.

Simply select a program, plug in, wait a few seconds, remove the SPS device and start the car. It’s simple and there’s no fixed switch to install in the vehicle.

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