Revo Stage 1 for Audi A3 (8L 1996 – 2003), 1.8 Turbo – NBDW NVVT (150ps)

Audi, A3 (8L 1996 – 2003), 1.8 Turbo – NBDW NVVT (150ps) – Revo stage 1
Please Note that this is a Workshop only conversion – we are located in South East of England 30 minutes form junction 30 on M25 (post code SS8 0RA)

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Technical Data

Audi, A3 (8L 1996 – 2003), 1.8 Turbo – NBDW NVVT (150ps) – Revo stage 1
The 1.8T engine has huge tuning potential even in standard form. Revo Stage1 software gives great increases in power and torque throughout the rev range making any vehicle with the 1.8T engine much more capable and fun to drive. Revo stage1 software is designed to maximise the potential of the engine whilst working safely within standard hardware limitations, our software is tuned for drivability giving you the most useable power/torque throughout the rev-range. Rather than chasing peak dyno figures we tune to give you fantastic power delivery and a spread of torque throughout the rev range. This software will be setup by your Revo Dealer to suit the fuel quality and conditions your car is being used in. Along with the performance benefits from Stage1 software most drivers also see improvements in fuel economy.
SPS Settings
Stock Mode – (Position 1 on your SPS)
Puts the car into a ‘stock’ running mode. When running in Stock mode Revo software is still present and installed on your ECU just not active.
Performance Mode – (Positions 2 on your SPS)
The performance mode is set to run on 95ron+ fuel quality, the engine will be more responsive with a higher quality fuel. This performance software allows you to run a full exhaust system, intake and other bolt on modifications should you choose to.

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