SUMMIT & Swave Polished Front Upper Strut Brace for Toyota Yaris GR

SUMMIT racing equipment, usually found on rally stages and drift events, to enhance the chassis handling, these precision-made braces are now available for the Yaris GR.

Part No: T-YR-GR01

£202.80 (inc VAT)
£169 (exc VAT)


Technical Data

What does a chassis brace do?
They are designed to improve the structural rigidity of a car’s chassis by reducing unwanted flex. Using existing bolt locations in crucial pick-up points throughout the chassis, reinforced braces tie these points together for strength. This reduces the possibility of flex and as a result the car will feel more responsive to steering inputs, improving handling feel and driving experience.

Unlike others on the market, SWAVE & SUMMIT braces are not simply hollow steel tubes. Instead, each brace is made from aerospace-grade aluminium and features a monocoque construction with internal strengthening beams that run throughout, making them exceptionally strong and incredibly light.

Founded in 1998 by former racing driver Mr T Hsieh, the company initially began specialising in developing parts for racers, high-end tuners and performance specialists within the Asian/Eurasian territory.

The brand quickly gained recognition and production was scaled up to cater for a much wider range of parts and applications. The company has its own Research and Development centre so products can be thoroughly tested in-house before launch. All parts are made from the highest-grade materials and are constructed using cutting edge automated machinery.

Fits both, left- and right-hand drive models.

Part No: T-YR-GR01

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