Revo Stage 3 for Audi A3 (8P 2003 – 2012), 2.0 TFSI – Turbo K03 (200ps)

Audi, A3 (8P 2003 – 2012), 2.0 TFSI – Turbo K03 (200ps) – Revo Stage 3
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Technical Data

Stage 3 software details for your AUDI, A3 (8P 2003 – 2012), 2.0 TFSI – Turbo K03 (200ps)
The 2.0L TFSi engine is available throughout the majority of the VAG model range in several configurations. Whilst the hardware typically remains the same the factory power outputs differ between marques and models.
The factory vehicles with the standard K04 turbo are able to easily see over 300bhp at the flywheel with the appropriate Revo Stage1 performance software. This goes up even more with Revo Stage2 or Stage2+. Revo Stage3 K04 software is based on the highly successful Revo Stage2+ software for the 2.0L TFSi K04 engines, recalibrated for the 2.0L TFSi K03 engines with equivalent hardware specification as Stage2+ for the K04 engine.
Therefore by using the factory K04 turbo and matching injectors from the higher spec engine, along with a few other standard bolt-on modifications, Revo Stage3 K04 performance software on the regular K03 based 2.0L TFSi engine is a very good way to upgrade your engine to well over 300bhp.
Stage 3 software has been designed to complement the K04 Stage3 hardware specification for transverse engine’d Audi, SEAT, Skoda and Volkswagen 2.0TFSI vehicles.With the larger turbo-charger and supporting Stage3 software the 2.0TFSI engine is given an entirely new lease of life, with increases throughout the rev-range making for not just a powerful car but a true all-round performance car. Whether you have a 2.0TFSI Gti, LeonFR, or Audi TT a Revo Stage3 package will give you an incredibly capable and rewarding vehicle to drive.
Power output is very much dependant on the quality of hardware used. Quoted power figures will only be made if the full hardware specification is used along with quality fuel. Rolling roads can vastly differ from one another and should only be used as an indication. In testing conditions our UKcars running 98RON fuel saw over 350bhp(261kW) with 340ftlb (461NM).
SPS Settings
Stock Mode – (Position 1 on your SPS)
Puts the car into a ‘stock’ running mode. When running in Stock mode Revo software is still present and installed on your ECU just not active.
Performance Modes (Positions 2, 3, and 4 on your SPS)
The three Performance Modes are Boost, Fuelling and Timing adjustable, your Revo Dealer can set these modes up to suit your requirements. Settings can be setup to suit fuel quality differences, atmospheric condition differences (hot/cold weather), and driver preference (Low Boost/High Boost) or can be set to a Valet Mode which limits RPM to 3500 and doesn’t allow the engine to make any boost.
Anti-Theft ON – (Position 5 on your SPS)
When Anti-Theft is active the vehicle cannot be driven even if the keys are used. When the ignition is turned on the car will start and idle but will not respond to throttle input.
Anti-Theft OFF – (Position 6 on your SPS)
Turns off Anti-Theft Mode. Reverting to the last used mode (stock or performance 1,2,3)
8P 2003 – 2012), 2.0 TFSI – Turbo K03

Power (bhp)Torque (lbft)


REVO Stage 3 Software
from 300ps to 350ps
from 307lbft to 347lbft


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