Revo Stage 1 for Audi A1 quattro 2.0 TFSI – Turbo K04 (231ps)

Audi, A1 quattro, 2.0 TFSI – Turbo K04 (231ps) – Revo Stage 1
Please Note that this is a Workshop only conversion – we are located in South East of England 30 minutes form junction 30 on M25 (post code SS8 0RA)

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Technical Data

What To Expect
Stage 1 software is a must have for any standard K04 2.0TFSI, the S1 has arguably the most potential of factory vehicles with this engine; it being smaller, lighter and more nimble than the others. With power and torque increases throughout the entire rev range and very smooth power delivery, Revo Software gives the S1 a huge increase in performance taking it to the next level.
With adjustable settings for boost, timing and fuelling, the vehicle is set up to suit the conditions, fuel quality and drivers style.
Driving a Stage 1 vehicle really puts into perspective how much potential the standard car has, the Revo’d car revs with much greater urgency, using full throttle there’s a push in the back from the new found torque. Power delivery is smooth and progressive; this car eats the road up in a way you wouldn’t expect yet is just as comfortable popping to the shops and driving around town. Performance increases are significant, but drivability isn’t lost.
We offer a Linear Throttle option for this stage click here for details

SPS Settings
Stock Mode – (Position 1 on your SPS)
Puts the car into a ‘stock’ running mode. When running in Stock mode Revo software is still present and installed on your ECU just not active.
Performance Modes (Positions 2, 3, and 4 on your SPS)
The three Performance Modes are Boost, Fuelling and Timing adjustable, your Revo Dealer can set these modes up to suit your requirements. Settings can be setup to suit fuel quality differences, atmospheric condition differences (hot/cold weather), and driver preference (Low Boost/High Boost) or can be set to a Valet Mode which limits RPM to 3500 and doesn’t allow the engine to make any boost.
Anti-Theft ON – (Position 5 on your SPS)
When Anti-Theft is active the vehicle cannot be driven even if the keys are used. When the ignition is turned on the car will start and idle but will not respond to throttle input.
Anti-Theft OFF – (Position 6 on your SPS)
Turns off Anti-Theft Mode. Reverting to the last used mode (stock or performance 1,2,3)
NOTE: Software settings will default to equivalent of stock (B1, F0, T0) when the battery is disconnected. An SPS or your Revo dealer can be used to reset the performance mode settings.

Power (bhp)Torque (lbft)


REVO Stage 1 Software
from 303ps to 318ps
from 318lbft to 333lbft

How It’s Installed
Revo Software is installed by a trained technician via the OBD port, we no longer need to remove or open the ECU to install Software. All Stage 1 Revo Software is designed to work within the tolerances of a standard vehicle with no component upgrades required. We test on our in-house development vehicles and through our global dealer network, we also carry out power testing on an in-house hub dyno and with special access to a private proving ground & test track.
Please Note that this is a Workshop only conversion – we are located in South East of England 30 minutes form junction 30 on M25 (post code SS8 0RA)

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