Revo Stage 1 Software for Audi A1 1.2 TSI (84PS)

Power Torque
Stock 84ps 118lbft
REVO Stage 1 Software from 129ps to 144ps from 148lbft to 158lbft

NOTE: Power is dependant on Fuel Quality, Performance Settings and Conditions

From £502.74 (inc VAT)
£418.95 (exc VAT)

Technical Data


The Volkswagen group’s innovative 1.2TSi engine has proven a popular choice for those wanting great fuel economy with the punch and performance of a larger engine. Using stratified injection technology the 1.2TSi delivers great MPG and 84bhp but what if you want more?

We answer with the release of stage 1 software for the 1.2TSi engine. Giving better drivability and increased performance through the entire rev range, our stage 1 software effortlessly provides power and torque gains throughout. Engines will deliver power smoothly and without causing extra stress to the engine components, refinement and reliability will be retained.


Revo Software is installed by a trained technician via the OBD port, we no longer need to remove or open the ECU to install Software. All Stage 1 Revo Software is designed to work within the tolerances of a standard vehicle with no component upgrades required. We test on our in-house development vehicles and through our global dealer network, we also carry out power testing on an in-house hub dyno and with special access to a private proving ground & test track.

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