Revo Ford Focus RS | Stage 2 Performance Pack

Enhanced power delivery, unique safety features and exhilarating response at your disposal, the Revo Performance Pack delivers much more than peak power figures. Whatever drives you, the Revo Performance Pack has it all. Engineered to perform, only Revo offer a complete tuning solution specifically designed for your vehicle..

Part no: RHW72
From £1,581.30 (inc VAT)
£1317.75 (exc VAT)

Technical Data


Enhanced power delivery, unique safety features and white-knuckle response at your disposal, the Revo Performance Pack for the Mk3 Focus RS gives you access to much more than peak power figures. With over 440 PS and 455 LBFT torque, the Focus feels lighter, more responsive and agile with lots more mid-range and top-end power.

Designed for those driven by performance, the Revo Performance Pack is a complete tuning solution with proven results. With over twelve months of track and road testing on both Hardware and Software, each component has been designed and developed to work in harmony, achieving a balance of useable power and day-to-day driveability.

440 PS – 455 LBFT – 4.0s 30-70MPH


The key to unlocking the full potential of your RS, Revo Software utilises the efficiency of each Revo Hardware upgrade to increase power and torque, as well as overall driveability.

  • Speed Limit UnlockThe top speed limit for this vehicle has been removed
  • Temperature ProtectionEngine power is lowered under extreme temperature
  • RPM Limit RaisedThe RPM limit has been raised to 7000 RPM
  • OBD InstallRevo Software can be installed quickly and safely via the OBD Port


The Revo Carbon Series air intake system for the Focus RS offers impressive power and torque increases by replacing the restrictive standard system.

This kit features a 3k carbon pipe with an increased internal diameter, maximising airflow. Flush-fit joins and reinforced silicone hoses eliminate unwanted turbulence and resist collapse under negative pressure.

  • Stepped Silicone
  • Increased Diameter
  • Thermal Barrier


The Revo Intercooler upgrade for the Focus RS lowers intake air temperatures, minimises pressure drop and allows the engine to produce impressive power and torque increases.

Increasing core volume is one of the most effective ways of maximising cooling capability, heat transfer surface area and time-of-exposure for both the ambient and charge air. In this case, the engine bay footprint is the limiting factor in enlarging core volume. By utilising the availabe space, the external core volume was expanded by 72%, helping significantly reduce IAT (Intake Air Temperatures) whilst maintaining a pressure drop almost equal to the stock cooler.

  • Increased Core Volume
  • Geometric Fins
  • Maintains Pressure


Designed to increase power and reduce lag by replacing the restrictive stock pipework. This upgrade reduces restriction, allowing the turbo to perform more effectively at any level of tuning.

Increased internal volume, single piece pipework and smoother transistions between parts reduce flow resistance. This puts more energy into the compression cycle of the turbo, allowing more boost to be made faster and improving low RPM power. The sound canellation chamber has been removed, eliminating a major source of air turbulence while also enhancing turbo acoustics.

  • Increased Diameter
  • Direct Internals
  • Pipe Routing


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