AIRTEC Motorsport Tow Bolt for Toyota Yaris GR

From £34.95 (inc VAT)
£29.13 (exc VAT)

Technical Data

Our simple solution allows a race type tow strap to be fitted to your car’s existing tow eye boss. This way you don’t have to remove the bumper to fit it or have to worry that it’s in the incorrect position that may lead to damage if it’s ever used.

We designed this bolt/boss specifically as Toyota made the original towing eye thread a custom size, which meant we had to make a tool to cut the thread of the adapter. We then added a flat section to allow it to tighten with a 19mm spanner before having it zinc plated.

Available as a complete kit with a genuine TRS tow strap in a choice of colour together with the adapter boss and tow strap fixing bolt.

Thread also available on its own, or with the optional tow strap.

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