AIRTEC Italian Made Blower & Sucker Fans

Five sizes available ajnd only 2″ wide at their hightest point! Perfect for aftermarket intercoolers where space is limited.
AS part no: ASFAN01

From £67.98 (inc VAT)
£56.65 (exc VAT)

Technical Data

Italian made Blower & Sucker fans from only £50 each
Blower fan, Pushes the air through the radiator
Sucker fan, Pulls the air through the radiator
6.6″ slimline fan £50
9″ slimline fan £50
11″ slimline fan £60
12″ slimline fan £65
All the above fans measure 2 inches height from center & measure approx 1 inch on the outer edge.
Please choose from options for desired size you require.

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